On Touch (or the impossibility of touch), 2020

Spaces of Memory and Imagination on Kingdom of Sand and Cement by Peter Bogaczewicz, Daylight 2019

Under Conditions of Urgency: from ‘Buena Memoria’ to ‘The Poetics of Resistance’ on Marcelo Brodsky – Poetics Of Resistance, B. Kuehlen Verlag, 2019

Absence of Landscape – Rosario López at Eduardo Fernandez Gallery, 2018

Latin American Photography And The Legacy of 1968 on Revista SP-ARTE sp-arte/foto, 2018

Richard Page The Dialogue of the Dogs for Francesca Maffeo Gallery, 2017

An Avid Observer on The Observation Of Trifles, by Carlos Alba, La Fábrica, 2016

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Broader Implications | Interview with Lucia Pizzani, 2018

I Saw People Like Butterflies | Interview with Massimo Vitali for Under The Influence Magazine, 2015


Sequester by Awoiska Van der Molen, 2017

Ōtsuchi Future Memories by Alejandro Chaskielberg, 2016

Tiempo de Árbol by Marcelo Brodsky, 2015