What Remains

Champion Photobooks features commissioned photography projects to work with photographic archives, opening dialogues with history from a contemporary perspective. We will launch one book per year, each time working with an artist from a different country to present the story of an unsung champion, summoning his or her presence through contemporary photographic work.

This collection presents the many ways contemporary photographic practices can engage with historical images, emphasising on the former but highlighting the importance of the later. These projects build a bridge between past and present, and make us realise the most visionary contemporary photography is more than ever linked to its past. Each visual narrative is also complemented with an interview, where the artists talk about the experience of working on their champion project, and their final work. This is an invitation for a more active engagement with the past, and a curious and heartfelt appreciation of the minimal stories that make it important.

Vol.I Danilo Murru – What Remains

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